If your website is down, or not working properly we can suggest several things for you to try:

  • Use another browser to check if your site is loading properly first. Checking with another browser such as Firefox, Safari, or Chrome as a quick and easy troubleshooting measure will help you to know if its a browser related issue or not.
  • Check to see if there might be network issues between you and your website:http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/
  • If your website is not loading properly or displaying some sort of error message, take a screenshot of what you see in your browser. This can be helpful to have when contacting your hosting provider for support.
  • If you have a dedicated IP address for your cPanel account and know what that IP address is, you could try to perform a ping test. A ping test is done from the command line. Open Terminal on your Mac, or, Command Prompt on your Windows PC and type in the following: ping IPAddress (replace the word IPAddress with your IP) If a response is received, then the server is online and there may be issues with the domain at your domain name registrar. If you receive a time out error, the server may be offline. If that’s the case the next step is to contact your hosting provider directly.

Contacting Full Metal directly is the fastest way to getting your website working again.